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Country Getaway in Waco

What a fun weekend we had in Texas!   Who knew there was so much to do in such a small cute town. Our only regret was not being able to stay longer.   First stop was a famous Burger place called Twisted Root where instead of calling your order by a number, they call it by the name of a famous person. Our Waygu beef burger crusted with dijon mustard and covered in cheese was called by Whitney Houston (RIP) and our Vegan burger and Funnel Cake Milkshake was called out by the name "Darth Vader".   Housed in an old barn with a bar in the center featuring some of Texas' best beers on draft, this was prime...

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Our trip to Machu Picchu

  We’ve had a lot of people messaging and asking about our trip to Machu Picchu since we posted about it last week, and we wanted to share more with you!  There was much debate in the months leading up on whether we should purchase tickets in advance or when we arrived. We went in the “low” (tourist) season--November of last year. Because Peru falls below the equator, their seasons are opposite but they only really have rainy and dry season. We arrived at the end of rainy season, but we lucked out with minimal weather interference on our trip! The tickets for Machu Picchu that were being advertised in advance online were anywhere from $100-$250 per person. These tours sometimes...

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A New Adventure

Life is not about the 9-5 grind. It's not about how many destinations you can check off your list, the amount of restaurants we can say we've been to, or the number of likes on a photo. Life is about experiences and how they make you feel. They won't always be good, but there's always something to be learned. I hope for all of you, most of those experiences are amazing, and memorable. I didn't travel much when I was younger, but my first trip abroad was definitively life changing. It gave me a new happiness gauge, and put my whole life into perspective (sounds cheesy--I know, but honestly guys).  From that very first trip with a girl who is still my...

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