Our trip to Machu Picchu


We’ve had a lot of people messaging and asking about our trip to Machu Picchu since we posted about it last week, and we wanted to share more with you! 

There was much debate in the months leading up on whether we should purchase tickets in advance or when we arrived. We went in the “low” (tourist) season--November of last year. Because Peru falls below the equator, their seasons are opposite but they only really have rainy and dry season. We arrived at the end of rainy season, but we lucked out with minimal weather interference on our trip!

The tickets for Machu Picchu that were being advertised in advance online were anywhere from $100-$250 per person. These tours sometimes include perks like lunch, transportation etc.

Though we were nervous, we did not book our tickets until we arrived and we were glad we waited. We stumbled upon a tour office on our second day in Cusco and got our Machu Picchu tour with transportation for $75 usd along with two other tours we discovered and it was amazing!



The tour was perfect, and it included the train ride from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, and bus pick up from Aguas Calientes to the entrance of Machu Picchu, as well as an all day pass to go in and out so we could hang at the cafe just outside the entrance before going back in without our tour guide to explore more.

If you are traveling during high tourist season, you should absolutely look into booking your ticket ahead of time. Also we were told that as of January 2017, tourists will no longer be able to enter Machu Picchu without the supervision of a tour guide due to people defacing the property and stealing pieces of the stonework to take home with them. There is also talks of building an air tram and only allowing an aerial tour in the future :(

That being said, plan your trip asap if you’ve been thinking about going. And of course, please be respectful while visiting these historic places so we don’t give them any reasons to restrict tour access.

Feel free to ask any questions at all—I’ll be sharing more details about our trip in upcoming posts, as well as details on how to win one of our blankets! Please comment and let us know which one from the site you would love to win, and if you’ve been to Peru!



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