A New Adventure

Life is not about the 9-5 grind. It's not about how many destinations you can check off your list, the amount of restaurants we can say we've been to, or the number of likes on a photo. Life is about experiences and how they make you feel. They won't always be good, but there's always something to be learned.

I hope for all of you, most of those experiences are amazing, and memorable. I didn't travel much when I was younger, but my first trip abroad was definitively life changing. It gave me a new happiness gauge, and put my whole life into perspective (sounds cheesy--I know, but honestly guys). 

From that very first trip with a girl who is still my best friend today five years later, it's been a goal of mine to bring home something that would make those memories last. Something that would make me smile every time I looked at it. A conversation piece that would fit in beautifully with my home and not be cast aside in a few years because it no longer fit in or it never did and I bought it on impulse.

Five years of countless trips and compliments on my apartments interior went by before I realized I was on to something. And Galavant was born.

Thank you to all my friends and family for their support so far, I really look forward to sharing my experiences with you through this blog. Please subscribe and follow me as I share my adventures, and of course the new products as they arrive!


The Galavant Team


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